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Integrating technology into lifestyle

MeiQiao Life Hub

MeiQiao Life Hub

MeiQiao Life Hub is a store set up under PCHome's online shopping platform which sells daily commodities and healthcare products produced mainly in Taiwan and Japan.

By allowing technology to enter into our everyday lifestyles, we can create a healthier and better future.


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Intelligent Enzyme Toothpaste

Contains naturals enzymes found in the saliva as well as lactotransferrin which can help to restore oral ecological balance in the mouth.

The balanced oral ecology will then help to reduce oral problems such as ulcers, bleeding, bad breath, sensitivity, decay and periodontal diseases.

Moreover, healthy saliva can also help to whiten the teeth and reinforce the enamel.


Antrodia Cinnamomea Pills 

Formerly named as Antrodia camphorata.


It is a rare medicinal mushroom unique to Taiwan, well-known for its effects on a number of health conditions. Its rich composition of trace elements, mineral and polysaccharides have been shown to be particularly beneficial for liver issues.


Intelligent Toothbrush    

A product that is based on the researches of Taiwanese and Japanese experts .

The extra soft brush makes it suitable for all kinds of gum especially those with problems of oral sensitivity.

Works best when used together with the Intelligent Enzyme Toothpaste.


Pearl & Pearl Collagen

Contains collagen which is helpful to the skin and bones

Each pearl is made from 100% pure pearl powder and selected carefully based on its structure.

Uses low-temperature nano-grinding technology to prevent the loss of protein due to the damage to its structure.

Retains amino acid and other healthy elements which allows for better absorption into the body.