Potential Therapeutic Apparatus

Reduce shoulder stiffness, headaches, and chronic constipation




Ministry of Health and Welfare Certified Medical Equipment

Serial No: 001172

Alleviates headaches, muscle stiffness,

and constipation

Electrostatic charge therapy

Negative charge therapy

Switchable between two modes-prevent inertia

Massage of whole body cells (muscles, bones, blood vessels)


Static charge, negative charge mode

Common QA

Q1 Is it dangerous to use high voltage potential?

A1 A current is generated in the negative high-voltage electrostatic part.

Q2 Need to use every day?

A2 lasts for 30 minutes every day.

Q3 Are there any side effects?

A3 has no side effects like drugs. There will be an electrotherapy reaction in the initial use, which is called an improvement reaction.

Q4 Will the electricity bill be expensive?

A4 consumes only 15 ~ 20W of power, and it costs less than 2 yuan to use it for four hours a day.


100% Made in Taiwan GMP

ISO 9001  Certified